Task Force X-Ray


"Finish The Fight"


  • How We Started

When we started Task Force X-Ray it was a couple of friends just looking to play together, originally starting from "GTA V" alot of us stuck together through out the past 2 years. We all decided we wanted to pursue a different path and went in to Milsim, a couple of us are active duty military and could provide a realistic feel to the community.

  • Why Join Task Force X-ray (TFXR)

Joining TFXR can be a awesome experience, you'll' be able to find long lasting friends, people to talk to on the daily, Realistic Milsim and so much more. We as a community strive to keep the realistic part in the community and the fun separate not letting one over lap the other. Our Staff team has been together for over two years playing different game's.

  • What We offer

In FRXR we offer a verity of things, ranging from but not limited to "Realistic Tactics, communications, Ranks, leadership Skills and so much more". We as a whole strive to keep the community as realistic as possible forget what you think you know as we have real life service members in the community perpetually 11B "Infantry" Our real life service members help keep it realistic!



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