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The Community Roster is set for everyone to see who is in the community, From Owners, Staff and Regular Members. this gives al members the ability to see who is next up for prmotions, who got demoted or just looking tosee if there are any spots to fill for a staff postition,

The CNN News Center Is the comunity News, In this Page you will see all the latest News. From,"RP Scenario's, Updates, Promotions, and so much more" We update this page daily, making sure all members are up to date with the latest new, ensuring all is knows what goes around in the community of (California Finest RolePlay). 




California's Finest RP

The Community Page is set for members to see the upcoming schedul, News, Social Media Accounts And much more.


Some Pages Require you to be a member in the Community to accsess certain Pages, to become a member follow the directions below

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