The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LASD) is a law enforcement agency which serves Los Angeles County, California -- an area totaling approximately 4,084 square miles with a population of almost 10 million people (2010 U.S. Census). It is the largest Sheriff's Department in the world, with approximately 18,000 employees. 

LASD provides general law enforcement services to 42 contract cities, 141 unincorporated communities, 216 facilities, hospitals, and clinics located throughout the County, nine (9) community colleges, the Metropolitan Transit Authority and 37 Superior Courts. LASD also provides services such as laboratories and academy training to smaller law enforcement agencies within the County. Additionally, LASD is responsible in securing approximately 18,000 inmates daily in 7 custody facilities which includes providing food and medical treatment. 

We are guided by our principle values:

Integrity Accountability Service EthicsThese are more than a job well done; this is our character and our commitment to the humane treatment of those under our authority and care. It is who we are.
      Our mission statement 
to enforce the law fairly and within constitutional authority; 
- to be proactive in our approach to crime prevention; 
- to enhance public trust through accountability; 
- to maintain a constitutionally sound and rehabilitative approach to incarceration; 
- to provide a safe and secure court system; 
- to maintain peace and order; 
- and to work in partnership with the communities we serve to ensure the highest possible quality of life. 

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